WordPress has been one of the most used Content Management System (CMS) or platform that creates websites for bloggers, small business owners, agencies and even government websites. This is because of its “easy-to-use” user interface (UI) plus you can find lots of tutorials all over the internet that can help you in times of technical troubles.

In this blog post, you are about to learn how to update your WordPress-based website. The topic will discuss on how to update WordPress, how to update WP Plugins and WP Themes for better website operations straight into it. So let’s get started!

Step 1. Login into your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

To do this step, you have to open your browser and type your website’s domain name/wp-admin (eg. sibutad.gov.ph/wp-admin) and press ENTER Key on your keyboard. Once you’re on the page, you are going to see the page that looks like in the image below. Fill the login boxes with your login details and press the blue “Log In” button to get inside the Dashboard.

WordPress Login Page

Step 2. Update your WordPress Plugins

Once you’re inside your website Admin Dashboard, look at the dark grey navigation menu in the left side of the page if there are some plugins to update. You will know it once you see a number beside the Plugins menu. See the image below on how it looks like.

WordPress Plugin

If you see the number, you have to click the Plugins menu and you will be redirected to the Plugins Page. On this page, you can the Plugins that need an update. Look at the image above and look for the black arrow to see the “update now” link.

Step 3. Update Your WordPress Theme.

Not all the time, an update is available for Theme you used. You have to visit the Theme’s Dashboard to see if an update is available.

To do this, you have to click on the “Appearance” Menu and see if an update is available. You will know it once you see an “Update now” link on top of your Theme’s logo that you activated. See the image below to see how it looks like.

WordPress Theme Dashboard

End Words.

Finish reading the steps? It’s very simple, right? But before you perform the tutorials above, it is highly advisable that you back up your website’s WP Files and Database first before you proceed in updating your WordPress Core, WordPress Plugin and your WordPress Theme.

I hope that I covered the essentials to keep your WP-based website stay in shape and secured. Scan my blog, for more WordPress tips and tutorials.